1 September 2022 - 31 August 2025

The EuroScienceGateway project aims to leverage a distributed computing network across 13 European countries, accessible via 6 national user-friendly web portals (Galaxy), facilitating access to compute and storage infrastructures across Europe as well as to data, tools, workflows and services that can be customized to suit researchers' needs. The project is a collaboration between 18 organisations and coordinated by the University of Freiburg.

An increasing number of scientific domains are generating large volumes of data but compute and storage resources are siloed in computing centres with poor accessibility for most of the scientists in Europe. Moreover, research projects are now more often integrating diverse data types for innovative research, a trend that is expected to accelerate and which is at the heart of what EOSC aims to address. Therefore, researchers have a need for cloud-based access to the different types of e-Infrastructures available.

EuroScienceGateway will deliver a robust, scalable, seamlessly integrated open infrastructure for data-driven research, contributing an innovative and customizable service for EOSC that enables operational open and FAIR data and data processing. Adoption, development and implementation of technologies to interoperate across services, will allow researchers to produce high-quality FAIR data, available to all in EOSC. Communities across disciplines - Life Sciences, Climate and Biodiversity, Astrophysics, Materials science - will demonstrate the bridge from EOSC’s technical services to scientific analysis.

ELIXIR Belgium is involved and contributing to

  • WP1: Project Management, Coordination and Dissemination
  • WP2: Stimulate FAIR and reusable research
  • WP3: Pulsar Network: Distributed heterogeneous compute
  • WP4: Building blocks for a sustainable operating model