1 February 2024 - 31 January 2027

The EU-funded ELIXIR-STEERS project,  a three-year initiative with a budget of €4M, is a collaboration between all ELIXIR Nodes, encompassing 36 institutes across 23 countries, plus EMBL-EBI. It aims to enhance large-scale, cross-border federated analysis in the life sciences throughout the European Research Area.

ELIXIR-STEERS addresses the need for good software and workflow management, which is essential for reproducible and efficient analysis of life science data. The mission of the project is to help life science researchers to access national data sets and conduct large-scale, cross-border analysis of data from across Europe.

The ELIXIR-STEERS project builds on the achievements of two previous EU-funded projects: ELIXIR-EXCELERATE (2015-19), which helped establish ELIXIR as a coordinated European life science infrastructure, and ELIXIR-CONVERGE (2020-23), which enhanced data management and stewardship across ELIXIR Nodes.

ELIXIR-STEERS consists of 3 objectives:

  1. Create a toolkit for robust, reproducible, and green software and workflows
  2. Enable cross-border data analysis in the life sciences by embedding common practice across the whole European Research Area via the ELIXIR Nodes
  3. Partner in Europe and internationally for global competitiveness and sustainability

ELIXIR Belgium is leading WP3: Infrastructure services to enable adoption and deployment of software best practice and contributing to WP5: Communications, outreach, industry and international. Specifically, WP3 will extend existing infrastructure components to implement the best-practices and indicators for research software and workflows developed in WP2. To ensure adoption of the best practices and aid recognition of the indicators, relevant features will be integrated in community-adopted and recommended registries. Further dissemination of these practices will be done through the development of a Software Management Planning tool.

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