An ELIXIR Interoperability Platform KnowledgeHub

1 January 2022 - 31 December 2023

The ELIXIR Interoperability Platform (EIP) KnowledgeHub is proposed as a systematic approach to collate and disseminate knowledge, working in close partnership with the FAIR Services Architecture Framework to support and provide a dissemination forum for the outputs generated from Task 1. 

The aim is to provide resources for both ELIXIR users and external researchers, and to act as a knowledge portal where researchers, ELIXIR communities, external projects and other RIs can find documentation on ELIXIR adopted services, resources, best practice and training materials. 

Two major stakeholder communities with different knowledge dissemination routes will be addressed:

  • Common practitioners, that is Data stewards, Developers and Researchers requiring knowledge of FAIR and interoperability best practice for Research Data management.  

  • Advanced practitioners in data stewardship and infrastructure and tool development that are developing ontologies, standards and FAIR services


To deliver the Knowledge Hub we will use the ELIXIR RDMkit and the FAIR CookBook as components of the knowledge dissemination platform thereby benefiting from their processes (using github as the delivery mechanism) and their community momentum. For advanced practitioners, we will engage communities and additional ELIXIR aligned projects who are creating content and have specific expertise. In both cases a significant focus is placed on community-driven content contribution.

The present study is participated in by five ELIXIR Nodes and the ELIXIR Hub: ELIXIR Belgium (Bert Droesbeke), ELIXIR UK, ELIXIR Netherlands, ELIXIR Portugal, and ELIXIR Norway.