Deploying reproducible containers and workflows across cloud environments

31 May 2019 - 30 May 2021

This Strategic Implementation study around Container Orchestration aims to coordinate the ELIXIR Platforms (Compute & Tools) expertise within the Nodes, related projects and resources to establish ELIXIR-wide standards, protocols and processes for the orchestration of containerised applications provided by ELIXIR Communities.

The study will be approached in  4 workpackages: WP1) Leveraging EOSC-Life workflows infrastructure, WP2) ELIXIR infrastructure for orchestrating containers and workflows, WP3) Coordinating ELIXIR data discovery and transfer services, WP4) Community-led use cases. ELIXIR Belgium co-leads WP 3 and contributes to WP2.

Thirteen ELIXIR nodes and the ELIXIR Hub are involved in this study: Spain, Finland, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium (Frederik Coppens), Sweden, Italy, Czech, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, EMBL-EBI.