ELIXIR Belgium vacancy @The Antwerp Centre of Medical Genetics

The Cognitive Genetics research group of the Antwerp Centre of Medical Genetics develops tools to integrate, annotate and interpret genetic data, with the aim of identifying genetic causes of cognitive disorders. In order to further enhance the features, scalability and integration in the ELIXIR network of these in-house developed software platforms, we are looking for a Software Developer.

ELIXIR Belgium is hiring a Data Science Cloud Coordinator

The increase in data intensive analyses requires a data science cloud for research and development. This data science cloud should provide solutions for all aspects related to data: storage, management, security, analysis, integration, sharing, etc. and should be firmly embedded in and outreaching to the international context. To advance the establishment of such an infrastructure, we are hiring a Data Science Cloud Coordinator.

ELIXIR Belgium is hiring a Bioinformatics and Data Science Trainer

The VIB Bioinformatics Core is hiring an enthousiastic ELIXIR data science trainer to expand the training program and establish the data science curriculum of ELIXIR Belgium. Our institute greatly values diverse standpoints and promotes an inclusive environment in which everyone is respected.