25-26 October 2021


Functional Plant Bioinformatics (PLAZA) Workshop

Using PLAZA to get more out of your plant omics data

This two-day workshop will introduce the basic concepts of comparative and functional -omics data analysis in plants through lectures and practical hands-on sessions. Plant biologists and geneticists with an interest in bioinformatics and data analysis are encouraged to attend this training.  After this workshop, you will have a good understanding of the organization of plant genomes, the evolution of plant gene families and the different systems used to describe gene functions. In addition, you will know how to extract relevant biological information from -omics gene sets.


  • Introduction plant comparative genomics (genes and gene families) + introduction PLAZA platform
  • Functional characterization of plant genes (Gene families, GO, InterPro)
  • Synteny analysis in polyploid cereals
  • Gene set analysis for different plant -omics data sets:
    • Functional interpretation of RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq genes using the PLAZA Workbench
    • Comparing gene sets between different di/polyploidy crop species

Required skills

Basic knowledge of genes, genomes, transcript profiling, BLAST and homology (no programming skills are required).


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