ELIXIR integration from a User perspective

The goal of this study is to provide the life-scientist a powerful tool to find and use ELIXIR resources - across the spectrum - based on intuitive graphical diagrams of the most prevalent scientific workflows.  

Currently, a scientist can use TeSS to find training events and materials and then, in a separate search, use bio.tools to find relevant tools, and BioSharing to find standards and databases. Linking TeSS and bio.tools to ELIXIR’s computer resources via common workflow diagrams would enable end-users to discover and learn about the prevalent bioinformatics workflows. This study will link TeSS and bio.tools via most prevalent bioinformatics workflows and will lay the foundation to incorporate other ELIXIR platforms in a later stage, thereby providing an even more useful service for the researcher.

Eight ELIXIR nodes are involved in this study: Belgium (Frederik Coppens, lead), UK (Terri Attwood), Estland (Hedi Peterson), Denmark (Jon Ison), Swiss (Heinz Stockinger), EMBL-EBI (Sarah Morgan), Norway (Matus Kalas), France (Hervé Menager).

1/10/2017 - 30/9/2018