Data validation

The purpose of this study is to determine the requirements for validation in order to build prototype open validation services for databases and knowledgebases. Existing domain-specific validators and generic validation services will be assessed for their utility for operability.

Validation has many contexts in interoperability, the specific scopes for this study are: 1) content validation according to minimum information checklists present in primary archives, 2) syntactic format validation according to a standard format in conjunction with the GA4GH file formats team, 3) syntactic format validation for phenotyping data and 4) semantic validation according to a publicly available ontology.  Generally, this will improve data quality and interoperability for ELIXIR resources. 

Four ELIXIR nodes are involved in this study: Belgium (Frederik Coppens, co-lead), EMBL-EBI (Thomas Keane, Helen Parkinson), UK (Philippe Rocca-Serra, Alasdair Gray), France (Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Cyril Pommier).

1/1/2018 - 30/6/2019