Extending open proteomics data analysis pipelines in the cloud: Additional tools and focus on scalability, supporting the dramatic growth of public proteomics data

This study builds on the ELIXIR implementation study started in February 2017 as a collaboration between EMBL-EBI and ELIXIR Germany. The initial study aimed at developing open, robust, scalable and reproducible proteomics data analysis workflows based on OpenMS, directly connected to the PRIDE database and deploying these pipelines in the EMBL-EBI "Embassy Cloud" as a proof of concept.

Current study, involving significantly more partners across Europe, has three objectives: (i) the inclusion of additional open tools developed by other ELIXIR nodes; (ii) the improvement of the overall infrastructure supporting the implementation of proteomics data analysis pipelines; and (iii) the inclusion of quality control pipelines. The overarching goal is that these tools can be deployed in other cloud infrastructures, and can be easily reused by anyone in the community, thus bringing the users closer to the tools, and the tools closer to the data.

It is a joint effort of ELIXIR Belgium (Lennart Martens, lead), ELIXIR Germany (Oliver Kohlbacher), ELIXIR France (David Bouyssié), ELIXIR Spain (Fernando Corrales, Eduard Sabido,) and EMBL-EBI (Juan Antonio Vizcaíno, Steven Newhouse).

1/8/2018 - 31/7/2019