Learning paths

With the growing number of life-science training resources currently available through TeSS, it can often be a struggle to choose which may be the most relevant to learning needs or an appropriate match to existing skills and competency level.

Guidance is therefore needed to help users to identify which competencies they need to acquire, which training resources will allow them to acquire such competencies and which learning path they should follow in order to move from their existing competency level to a higher one.

Therefore, the aims of this implementation study are to: 1) identify competency frameworks that are relevant to the ELIXIR user community, in order to derive a set of core competencies and a curriculum for bioinformatics and data science, 2) map ELIXIR training resources to such competencies and expose this information through TeSS, and 3) build learning paths for selected use cases, and make them available in TeSS, to help guide users in moving from one competency level to another by following such learning paths.

The study is a joint effort of ELIXIR UK (Gabriella Rustici, Terri Attwood, Niall Beard), ELIXIR-NL (Celia Van Gelder), ELIXIR France (Victoria Dominguez del Angel), ELIXIR Luxemburg (Roland Krause), ELIXIR Estonia (Hedi Peterson), ELIXIR Switzerland (Patricia Palagi), EMBL-EBI (Cath Brooksbank, Sarah Morgan), ELIXIR Italy (Allegra Via), ELIXIR Finland (Eija Korpelainen), ELIXIR Belgium (Alexander Botzki).

The study will also interact with ELIXIR Industry (develop learning path(s) that specifically address the needs of industry users), global players in bioinformatics (BioExcel, CORBEL, BD2K, H3ABionet, GOBLET) and data-science (CODATA-RDA, EDISON, Software/Data Carpentry) training, and the Bioschemas project (improve the metadata that are exposed through the Bioschemas specifications for training materials).

1/6/2018 - 30/12/2019