Development of Architecture for Software Containers at ELIXIR and its use by EXCELERATE use-case communities

The aim of this study is to provide a stable infrastructure for unifying software containers solutions within ELIXIR. This infrastructure will provide an access point for end-users to find, generate, store, monitor and even benchmark software containers solutions.

Software containers are a key technology which enables as well the rapid deployment of software resources including workflows across a variety of systems e.g. HPC, cloud environments and local computers, as the connection with existing database repositories. This technology will also be used to support ELIXIR training activities allowing trainers to focus on the content rather than on the technical framework of the training.

The study is conceived along four lines of development, and a validation on two selected ELIXIR use cases: 1) Development of Bioinformatics Containers Central Service (BCCS) to support the use of software containers in ELIXIR, 2) BioContainers integration with and OpenEBench, 3) BioContainers Registry 2.0 and Command Line tool, 4) BioContainers for training and support, 5) Demonstration of the use of software containers in selected ELIXIR use cases (EGA integration and POC implementation of a human genomics variant calling pipeline using BioContainers and Galaxy).

The study is a joint effort of 3 ELIXIR Platforms and 7 ELIXIR nodes: EMBL-EBI (Yasset Perez Riverol, Steven Newhouse), Germany (Björn Grüning), Spain (Salvador Capella, Josep Gelpi, Sergi Beltran, Jordi Rambla), Belgium (Frederik Coppens), France (Francois Moreews, Olivier Collin, Victoria Dominguez), Denmark (John Ison), Italy (Rita Casadio, Giuseppe Profiti).

1/1/2018 - 30/6/2019