Beacon and Beacon Network as a Service

This study builds on the Beacon-2016 and Beacon-2017 ELIXIR implementation studies. Current Beacon-2018 study aims to evolve the ELIXIR Beacons into a GA4GH Driver project with full alignment to GA4GH Technical Work Streams and consolidate and establish a fully costed process of “lighting a Beacon” for any ELIXIR node. Moreover, this study has the ambition to deliver Beacon/Beacon Network as an established ELIXIR infrastructure service. In addition to the goals above, improvements to the Beacon APIs and security will also be a core focus within this implementation study. A further priority for 2018 is to increase strategic partnering with national data owners to enable data flow to the Beacon service.

By end 2019, a Beacon Reference Implementation with an updated v2.0 that supports enhanced metadata response types and query interfaces will be available. The project will also develop and deploy the Beacon Network to address more (‘real world’) use cases. This will ensure that the Beacon, Registry and Network APIs evolve and expand to address clinical and clinical research user needs.

Ten ELIXIR nodes are involved in this study: Spain (Jordi Rambla), Finland (Ilkka Lappalainen, Tommi Nyrönen), Switzerland (Michael Baudis), EMBL-EBI (Dylan Spalding), Sweden (Niclas Jareborg), Belgium (Yves Moreau), France (Macha Nikolski), the Netherlands (Morris Swertz), Italy (David Horner), ELIXIR Hub (Serena Scollen, Susheel Varma).  

1/1/2018 - 31/12/2018