Submitting data to deposition databases requires a learning curve and can therefore be time consuming at the first submission. Our team developed an ENA upload tool to facilitate submission of viral sequence data to ENA.

The most commonly used repository to submit viral sequence data is GISAID. Today, there are 1.127 coronavirus sequences available in GISAID from Belgium. This repository collects, however, only consensus sequence data and has restrictions on data reuse. As such, raw coronavirus sequence data remains largely unavailable and reuse of assemblies is limited.

The European COVID-19 platform and ELIXIR promote the open European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) as a solution to provide access to both raw data and assemblies. So far, the coronavirus sequence data from Belgium has not found its way to ENA yet.

The ENA upload tool enables a fast and easy submission of raw coronavirus sequence data to ENA. Further documentation and improving of the user friendliness of the upload tool is currently ongoing. If you are interested to share COVID-19 data through ENA, do reach out to us to explore how we can assist.