Data sharing to measure the impact of COVID-19 on Multiple Sclerosis patients

Data scientist Lieset Peeters from the University of Hasselt is leading a global project on the impact of the coronavirus on Multiple Sclerosis patients. The MS Data Alliance and the MS International Foundation (MSIF) are collaborating to collect and share data for analysis. Qmenta is providing their platform, Amazon will be responsible for the compute power.

Liesbet Peeters will coordinate the project. “We will collect data from five continents into one platform”, says Peeters. “A group of experts will perform the analyses in a short time line. Health care providers and MS patients will be able to share data in the platform. Collecting large datasets will highly increase the reliability of the obtained insights”.

The current corona crisis indicates again the importance of good patient data. “Let this be a wake-up call”, says Liesbet Peeters. “The way we currently handle health care data worldwide, makes it extremely difficult to gain data-driven insights in a timely manner to manage a pandemic. This project will learn us how to handle our health care data in order to be prepared in taking the right decisions for risk groups, in times of new virus outbreaks.    

This news was pubished in De Standaard on 2 April 2020.