Better Software, better Research - 4OSS

Both The Carpentries and ELIXIR are interested in supporting researchers and developers to build better software. Hence, the “ELIXIR Software development best practices” group, which is part of the ELIXIR Tools Platform, has proposed the “Four simple recommendations to encourage best practices in research software” (in short “4OSS”). These recommendations aim to improve quality and sustainability in research software development. Find the 4 recommendations here.

The goal of this project is to create training materials to teach researchers and developers how to adopt the 4OSS as development practices. The 4-stage process has almost come to its end. After defining learning outcomes, structure and contents (May 2018), and producing the first lesson draft (Augustus 2018), the team is currently working on online lesson refinements. The next workshop will take place at NETTAB 2018 (22 October, Genoa). It will be a dry run to receive more comments before publishing the first version of the training material. Pictures and tweets of the previous workshops can be found here.

ELIXIR nodes involved in the project are Belgium (Paula Martinez), Czech Republic (Radka Svobodová), Greece (Fotis Psomopoulos), Italy (Allegra Via) and the Netherlands (Mateusz Kuzak).